5 Ways to Be Mentally FitOctober 13, 2014

Even a child must know the importance of mental health.

We learn to read at an early age. We continue reading during our school years, which is a must. It doesn't stop after we step out of the university. There are books that we like to go through again, and there are books that we chose not to finish. The reasons vary, but what matters is we never got tired of it. This is the best way to be mentally fit.

Laziness is the only thing that prevents us from looking for new titles, but we need to learn something new as we grow older. We need to exercise to keep us fit and energetic. We must seek new ideas to prevent mental sickness. Depression is on the top of the list. Headache, due to stress or anxiety, comes next. Loss of memory. It goes on and on. Children may be too young to know such things, but they're not too young to figure out that the brain is like any muscle in the body.

Mental Health Month campaigns for the brain's regular workout. It coincides with Mental Health Week, which is from October 5-12. Mental Health Association NSW is behind this, wanting everyone in the state - and the rest of Oz - to know that part of the body often ignored. After all, the early symptoms of mental illness often go unnoticed. We won't go to that stage if we follow some tips. Children will learn from your actions. Read the following:

Always keep in touch. There are moments when we need to be alone, but we can't live without other people. It feels good to talk with someone, share your ideas and feelings. Not everyone will admit it, but our expression usually says it all. A solitary existence is not something children must emulate.

Don't forget to enjoy. The little things often make a kid happy. This feeling gets lost once we reach adulthood, which is why we need to look back. If not, then watch the children. It can be something you're passionate about. It can be trivial. There are times we think of the past, which brings a gamut of emotions. We sometimes look to the future, with hope or concern. Why not live at the moment - and do it more.

Find a hobby. There is something we truly love, such that we don't mind doing it for hours. Some are lucky to make a living on it. Collecting anything is one. Watching the telly (or movie) is another. Sports. It will make you not think of other things that might be unnecessary.

Take care of yourself. More than once, we forget ourselves. This is not good. This is also sending a wrong message to young ones. You ought to take a break now and then.

Ask for help. We can't do everything by ourselves. Those worry-free moments come now and then. Seeking help won't make you less.

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