7 Words of Wisdom About Writing From Notable AuthorsJune 03, 2014

In a skill that has no rules carved on stone, little nuggets of wisdom from the experts are always welcome. Writing is never easy unless you're content with delivering composition lacking in quality. This is why a little motivation now and then is important.

Some of the best writing tips and strategies aren't even technical. After all, being grammatically correct only comes in handy after delivering a compelling prose or a good storyline. In fact, the best advice you might need to hear has nothing to do with the writing itself but on your disposition as a writer.

Here are seven words of wisdom by some of the greatest literary luminaries:

1. Anton Chekhov

It's a general rule of thumb that in writing, you must show, not tell. Describe the furrowed eyebrows and the glare in the eyes instead of merely saying that someone is mad. A verb describes an action. An adjective describes a person or thing, but it helps the reader understand a character (or story) better.

2. Ernest Hemingway

Writers are often frustrated over their work, of how their craft doesn't seem to be approving. They thought that their creativity is missing, feeling like they're on a downward spiral. Rome wasn't built in a day. Once you decide to become a writer, know that it's a lifelong learning experience.

3. John Steinbeck

There are days when writing is impossible, even composing one sentence. Try one page a day. Remember there are 365 days in a year, and writing a page daily can help you reach your goal. Slow but consistent is better.

4. Kurt Vonnegut

Every word and every sentence on your content is important. If something does not drive the action forward or reveal anything, then perhaps the sentence should be left out. Eliminating clutter will make it more interesting and show more authenticity.

5. Neil Gaiman

Not a few writers tend not to finish their written piece of work. No matter how demotivated you are, Gaiman urges you to finish what you've started. Neither abandon your stories nor do unfinished writings. Grit is what differentiates great writers from the rest. It is only by pushing through with your work, despite the difficulties you encounter, that you truly learn.

6. Robert Frost

For a written piece to be successful, you have to stir the reader's emotions. Make them feel anything. You must experience this first. Otherwise, your written piece of work will fail to connect to readers.

7. Stephen King

If you want to be a good writer, then be a voracious reader. Reading will help you boost your imagination and develop your writing style. Don't just write a lot, but read a lot as well. Reading and writing go hand in hand, as books widen your horizons. This is the only way to be the best writer that you can be.

Learning from renowned authors is a great advantage for you, as their experience and style will help you in your writing.

So what words of wisdom from great authors do you live by?

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