Get Those Muscles MovingJuly 30, 2015

It's time to don a red cape and pretend to be Superman. It's also a good idea to put a cowl and turn into Batman. How about Ant Man? Children can play any superhero, while observing Superhero Day. (It's held during the first week of September.) Those who are young at heart can join the fun, but this is not about the hottest trend in Hollywood. It's putting those muscles in motion, as we don't want the kids to experience muscular dystrophy.

Muscular dystrophy is the shrinking of muscles, which results from prolonged inactivity. This appearance is seen in elderly people, but it doesn't mean that they risk losing their health. It's natural to lose muscle mass when an individual reaches middle age, but it can be alarming if it happens to young people. Superhero Day is one way to keep the kids in an energetic mood. Guiding them can be tiresome, but this is not only for a good cause. This is sending the young ones a strong message: An active lifestyle is the only way to go.

There are other ways to get those muscles moving. Let's count the ways:

Do those household chores. Keeping the house tidy and organised can be challenging in the long run. (Mum complains about it at times.) But this is the most convenient way to keep yourself on the move. Walking around the house and carrying items utilise every muscle group. And vacuuming is not easy as it seems.

Keep on walking. There are times you hardly break a sweat after a stroll, but it's better than sitting for hours. You keep those leg muscles in good shape, burning calories along the way. Motivation isn't required.

Run, and run some more. There's no excuse not to wake up early, put on your (running) shoes, and keep your heartbeat up for half an hour or more. You sense good mood coming over and experience a light feeling (after running five miles or more). But don't overdo it. Don't forget to stretch your legs before and after running.

See the sea. The coastline has lots to offer. Walking, while admiring the seaside. Running and savoring the sea breeze. A game of rugby. Volleyball for an hour or less. You can also swim, which you shouldn't miss. You can also try surfing. It's a long list of options, where you don't need to think long and hard about it. Just make sure you get a sun-kissed tan.

Trekking and camping. An outdoor trip can be physically demanding than you imagine. The things you must bring along, as well as setting up the tent. You can foresee how the weekend goes, but this mustn't discourage you. Go out and get moving.

If you rather fancy playing the good guy to the children, then don't worry. Finding the right (superhero) costume may take your time and energy. No need to try too hard and steal the show, as this is all done for a good cause.

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