Here's a personality quizFebruary 03, 2016

Unless you're an easygoing student, then expect to encounter problems in the university. This is not about the coursework. It's rather the people whom you'll see for the next few years. You'll have new mates, but some won't fancy you at all. It may be them, it might be you. And then there's the members of the faculty. They won't bite you, even make you miserable. But it may be a different case with the secretary of the department.

Psychologists come up with an assortment of personality tests. It can make you understand yourself better. It can also be for someone you know. These tests doesn't guarantee a better relationship, but you'll learn a thing or two about empathy. Anyone who asks you to read a series of numbers, and remember it, must know that this is not a measure of human understanding. (Some psychologists will elaborate on it, but it will be hard to relate feelings to figures.) Don't expect a series of questions here, as you rather want to know the results. No need to be impatient, as you're about to embark on a self-discovery. Here are some information:

Left-handed people aren't different from right-handed people. You heard about left-handed people being more creative, but try to look at it from a different angle. What if you've been a left-handed individual all your life? It means you're a conservative thinker. If you're an English major, then it won't help you at all. (You're likely to be worse in taking other people's perspectives.) Maybe you need to read Darwin's writings. Kidding aside, you need to have a flexible approach. You can still impress your professor, as being conservative isn't bad at all.

No need to worry if you are sensitive to unpleasantness. You get nervous when you sense failure. You get worked up when you anticipate the worst. (And the term is far from over.) You're more fearful than your coursemates. Studies have shown that left-handed students are more likely to exhibit these traits. Don't fret if you happen to be a southpaw. Take deep breath, remind yourself that you'll have a good night sleep, and you can count on your housemates (or tutor).

You might be full of self-loathing. You want your chance for love at this stage of your (young) life, but you don't have a positive opinion of yourself. And you value relationship. You don't need to look for an online quiz, which will reveal your low self-esteem. Maybe you need to set it aside and focus on your deadline. (Not one, but two.) You also have an examination next week. But you have an invitation to attend a party the weekend after next. Think about it this Sunday.

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