It's Getting Crowded in HereJune 08, 2015

The ten most densely populated countries in the world included Singapore, Bahrain, and Malta. This is not surprising, as these are nations that have small land area. However, the states that round up the Top 20 might worry some people. South Korea, Israel, Netherlands. These are developed countries. How they would deal with limited resources should be a reason for concern.

It's not shocking that most developing countries are the most crowded places in the planet. This is not assuring if we look at the projections of population growth. It's past the 7-billion mark on 2011, and it will reach 8 billion in ten years. On the other hand, there's hardly any change in the list of the most populous countries. China, India, and the US lead the way. United Nations (UN) project that India will overtake China in fifteen years' time. Not a few will disagree on this. But what about Nigeria? UN sees a sharp rise in their population. Mexico isn't in the Top 10 list, but the report foresees its inclusion in the next decade.

World Population Day, which is observed on July 11, lets the UN and other agencies ponder the effects of the steady increase in human population in our lives. Population growth was slow a few centuries ago, with war as one of the factors. But the Industrial Revolution altered it. The Green Revolution would make the upward curve a certainty. The UN is quite alarmed at the statistics. There's only limited resources we can live on. The next century might see the first human colony on the moon, but the number is hard to tell.

What's overcrowding got to do with us?

Australia is not one of those countries facing mounting problems due to overpopulation, but let us not discount urban growth. The major cities are found along the coastline, which means expansion won't pose major problems. In case you haven't figured it out, new inhabitants can look inward. There's nothing to fear about the interior, but the uncertainty will make some apprehensive about the future.

We don't have to play an active role, unless you don't have plans to have children. But let's get serious. Think about the possible effects of overpopulation in developing countries. This will prompt some to migrate to other lands. It will lead to more problems. (Look at the Africans attempting to cross the desert and the sea, defying the odds in able to seek greener pasture in Europe. Another pressing issue is the Rohingya Muslims in the Andaman Sea.) What will you do if they're in our shores? Can you welcome them with open arms? Are they assured of finding a good job? These questions will lead to more questions. We might contemplate about it on July 11. If not, look for groups who care about this issue and talk about it.

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