We Are FamilyMay 05, 2015

After reading this, you'll figure out that you know this all along. But we might forget it. We may take it for granted too.

National Families Week (May 15-21) highlights the importance of families in Australian society. It can also be any part of the world too. A family is the basic unit of a community, which can be seen in primitive societies. This has been the case back then, but let's talk about the present. A close, loving family can have an emotional and psychological impact on a person's well being. Even the opposite. What you might read may be similar to a Hallmark's greeting card, but you can't deny that you don't like it. There may be a need for a Kleenex, which shouldn't be a cause of embarrassment.

Even if we don't feel like joining the activities (to highlight this event), there are reasons why we should be reminded of the motives of this occasion. Let's hear it one more time:

Your family will always be there for you. You'll believe in it once you recall your childhood memories. As we grow older, we meet new people. Some of them become good mates. It will be natural for friends to part from one another, mostly due to circumstances. But not your parents and siblings. No one would love you even more.

Your family is part of your happiest moments. They'll be around during the important events. Even the trivial ones.

Your family accepts you for who you are. Many relationships get soured due to differences, and most cases would reveal trivial reasons. If we can only swallow our pride. But this is not the case with our parents. Let's not forget our brother(s) and/or sister(s). They know you, and they don't want you to be anyone else.

Your family makes it special. It can be watching the telly, it can also be a holiday. Expect it to be unforgettable, and don't be surprised about it. This will be a great time to be with the people you care the most, and nothing will stop you from talking about it for years. It may be a long flight delay or a flat tire somewhere in the Outback.

Your family makes you a better person. It's no secret that a successful individual has a supportive family behind. More of this kind means a better, if not happier, community. However, this is not the case for everyone. There have been remarkable cases of individuals who don't have this kind of background, but they succeed somehow. This is one of the reasons why National Families Week is observed.

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