Choose Your Own AdventureApril 13, 2015

Team Mighty Hearts thought of an exciting activity to fight heart disease; they would embark on a tour of the Great Wall of China. This modern wonder of the world was built by Qin Shihuang on 220-206 BC. This impressive structure measures 8,850 kilometers. There's no need to go from one end to the other, but covering a certain distance can be a daunting task. Altitude may be a problem to some visitors. Keep in mind that this is not about adventure, as an active lifestyle is the only way to beat heart disease.

The campaign will run from April 17 to 28. You don't need to buy a plane ticket right away; think about your motives for this event. You can do it any time of the year. It's about new memories - and stepping up. There's nothing like keeping your heartbeat up. If you don't fancy going places, then look at it as a chance of getting out of your comfort zone. And we need to do it.

Here are some suggestions:

Do a Gump. Perhaps the most unforgettable scene in "Forrest Gump" is Tom Hanks running from East Coast to West Coast. If you think this is a silly suggestion, then you've been out of the loop for so long. There are many people who try to cross America on their pair of shoes, and the landscape is different from Australia's. A few blocks (in the neighbourhood) is a good start. Try to be consistent about it for months. Once you get the hang of it, then go the distance. Running is the most convenient way to be fit.

Try to act like the child of Poseidon. The sea is not far away, so don't be surprised if we yearn for that salty smell in the air. We can swim to our heart's delight. If not, then try to surf. (Any newbie will attest that it can be tiresome.) A game of frisbee or rugby is another option.

Take a bike. You want to go far, but you don't want to spend a lot. Grab your bicycle and check out your place. This can also be your chance to get out of the city. If you live in Adelaide, then the countryside has lots to offer. You can be bold by exploring the Outback, but do a thorough research first.

Backpacking. Southeast Asia is a plane away, not too far from home. You won't run out of options. Riding on a bike, while travelling from one destination to the next. Walking around the city, if you want to budget your pocket money. Climbing up the stairway to check out the Buddhist temples. Exploring the terraced fields.

If all of these don't appeal to you, then walk.

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