Why orange must be the colour for WednesdayApril 26, 2016

The orange colour is associated with warmth, sociability, and exuberance. Wear Orange Wednesday Day, which is celebrated on November 12, is a way of paying tribute to the State Emergency Service (SES) volunteers who have been assisting victims of natural calamities. They can't do the job without their cheerfulness, energy, and passion.

"In the past year, the 10,000 volunteers of the NSW SES have not only responded to floods, storms and emergency rescues, they have also provided support with the bushfire response," Police and the Emergency Services Minister Michael Gallacher said.

"These people spend time away from their families, friends and workplaces to compassionately assist in times of need. They truly symbolise the great Australian spirit of being there when times are tough."

The 2014 event featured Ploddy, Central Coast's iconic reptile, who was painted orange in show of support to the volunteers.

"Ploddy is an iconic fixture for travellers on the M1. We are happy to promote WOW Day, as there is usually a great response when Ploddy changes colour," Australian Reptile Park representative Jane Luttrell said.

The event is not only celebrated in Australia, but also in other parts of the world. (In the United States, Wear Orange Day is to show sympathy to bully victims.)

How do we show our support?

Wearing an orange shirt is the first thing to do, but we don't want to send mixed message to the Dutch people. There are other ways, all of which are meaningful. (You don't need to think long and hard.) Here they are:

Be a SES volunteer. Helping others is the best feeling, which volunteers (for different causes) would attest. When it comes to calamities, we don't know when enough is enough. It will be better to have more hands (for assistance).

Get to know a SES volunteer. You never know that there's one in the neighbourhood. Don't be shy to pay a visit. Ask questions. If you have past experiences in volunteering, then tell them. If not, then show your willingness to help.

Give your orange shirt. No one is forcing you to join the bandwagon. If this cause don't interest you at all, then it will be fine. It doesn't mean that you have to look the other way. If you have an orange shirt (or two), why not give it? You'll be glad to do your part.

An orange will make you feel good. What better way to make your meeting with SES volunteers than munching on an orange? You're being true to the spirit of the cause. It's also sending a positive message to the children. Orange juice can be another option.

Know how Wear Orange Day is observed in other places. This doesn't mean that all states have the same approach on how to observe this event. It's all about creativity. This is also about sharing your ideas that make it special.

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