Are School Newspapers Still Relevant in this Digital Age?July 20, 2018

Your parents would reminisce about the good, old days, of how a newspaper could complete a home. You may not relate to such nostalgia, as the latest news (or the latest entertainment news) could be seen on social media. Digital marketing wouldn't be responsible for the irreversible decline of print media, though. Your mother should have noticed how the neighbourhood paid less attention to the papers when the neighbours, as well as your mother, couldn't get enough of the telly. Newspapers and magazines could have gone out of vogue during the 1960s, but the industry has shown resilience during the succeeding decades.

The snobby members of the press would cite the influence that the newsmen yield over society. Cynical readers could argue that some of them were paid by the powers to be, which should turn into a contentious issue. Nonetheless, there are still a few good people who believe in the virtues of news writing. Whether you're attending lectures in the English Department or not, you could gain a lot from learning the fundamentals of news writing. It should help you become a better essay writer.

Forget about the ads, which should give more pages to a newspaper (or magazine). This would mean more news articles (or magazine features), which won't be an issue for online editors (or writers). It's time to look at the other aspects of news writing, which should put a stop on your procrastinating nights.

How to Write Your Paper

Keep your title short yet catchy (enough). Arts and travel writers like to be creative about the titles of their news features, as they are aware that readers have a very short attention span. Some of them fear rejection, so they pull a leg (and tell anyone that only they and their editors are the ones who read their features in its entirety). It's not so different from paper writing, where your professors are busy during summer. (Strange but true.) In this regard, the title must show your upfront view on your subject matter. It's better to be straight to the point, but don't make it too long. It might confuse your professor.

Your essay depends on the first paragraph. The opening of a news feature reveals everything that a reader needs to know. It may be slightly different for a magazine article, particular a travel piece, as the author sets up the location. This should be the way to engage readers. A good paper must state the argument from the very start. It doesn't mean that you won't have other options. Make sure that it's related to the main topic, as your professor won't be pleased if you go on a wild good chase.

Be picky about your information. News writers have learned to practice self discipline when it comes to information, as they don't have the luxury of space. It may not be the case for paper writing, but you must show consideration to your professors. (There are tons of essays to check every week.) Moreover, not all information would guarantee a top grade. You must exercise good judgment, but you could overlook something. It should be better to do it right away, so you have more time for proofreading later.

If you know the rules, then play around. The authors of classics know the English language so well, such that they could break the basic rules in writing. They would intend it, as it should be the only way to express different thoughts (or feelings). This wouldn't apply to all (college) students, as many of them need to recall the basic rules in grammar and sentence structure one more time. Are you one of them? If the answer is yes, then keep your sentences short and simple.

Writing is a serious business. You don't want to fool your readers, as you're eager to let your words affect them to such degree. Your professor could feel the same if you have written badly, if not shown any effort at all. (It shows.) Proofreading is the only way to prove it, and it may be more taxing than the writing process. A good writer is a patient one, though.

Practice Makes Perfect

You can write for the school newspaper, which should hone your writing. Make sure that you’re not doing it because you want to excel in your assignments. If you’re aspiring for a stint in print media, then this could be your springboard to success. It’s a rite of passage for countless authors, but it’s not for everyone.

You could indulge in reading, becoming a heavy reader in a short time or less. If you take your time, then the experience would make you aware of vocabulary (or your lack of). You’ll figure out the truth about short sentences (or the long ones). And why consistency matters most. You might not get it right during your first few months, if not first year. Your professor would appreciate your show of effort. Get a paper now.

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