Do You Choose Summer Activities to Look Good on Applications?April 05, 2016

I was asked, more than once, on what summer activities that I could use to make my college application more interesting. None. The ones who asked me thought I was pulling a leg, but I assured them that I won't be an irresponsible teenager during the upcoming season.

I understood where my mates came from. They were serious about making their college application stand out (from the rest), so they would think of means to do it. I swear by my paperback copy of "Zorba the Greek", my favourite novel, that what I was to reveal would be true. Studying health care in South Africa. (Why not Oz? I thought it was a good excuse to see Cape Town. Then again, I wouldn't stand in the way if there was funding somewhere.) Cell cloning at Leeds. (It might be better to look for another overgrown sheep.) Learn about Sikkim. (I presume it would be a dialect in Agra, where the Taj Mahal is found.) Costly activities, which I would pass on.

I like to make the most of the moment, which means getting up late (during summer). Mum will likely tell me that it's late, and I might have things to do. In short, I won't be done before dusk. But it's summer. It won't be long before I "shop" for a university. And I mulled about the things to do during the summer. I could relate with students from my age group (and vice versa), so these will be the things I can tell them:

Summer is the season to relax and have fun. My parents aren't telling me what I should do during summer, even though they have brought up the subject on a number of occasions. But homework and reading can be tiresome. There were days when I wasn't motivated enough. My instructor in Literature once said that an author saw the benefits of loafing. It could be a productive moment for the likes of him. (I forgot his name at the moment. Blame it on the heat.) I could see extra sleep, which would be good enough. I might think of something else.

There are many options in volunteering. I can teach math and science to younger students, and it won't be far from the place I live. I'm not an adventurous teenager, so I can hardly relate to my mates who are eager to set foot in an exotic land. But home has its benefits. (I may meet people who can help me down the road. I can't say the same thing if I'm doing it in another country.) I'm being sensible.

I'll strive to be the best that I can be. I aspire for literary fame, aware that not every English major will be lucky. I'm not anxious about it, but I can do something. I attempted to be a heavy reader last summer, and I would say that I didn't do bad at all. Books by Huxley, Poe, and Verne were more than enough. My father asked me if I had read “Ulysses”. Not yet.

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