Lay a White WreathMay 15, 2015

White Wreath Day, observed annually on May 29, is dedicated to those who took their own lives. It's a delicate subject matter, and it's hard to pinpoint the causes.

Around two thousand Australian take their lives every year. It's more common among the menfolk. In the case of the young victims, there have been a strong link to alcohol. Let's look at the possible reasons:

Mood disorder. This condition is not uncommon among artists. Édouard Manet's "Le Suicidé" is such a case, where critics would speculate if the gentleman (in the oil painting) is someone the French painter had known. But it wasn't Manet. (He died from natural causes.) In the case of writers, Virginia Woolf was the most documented case. She had a mental illness.

Problem. No one is spared from problems, but how to deal with it is another matter. Cases like (problem) gambling can be a factor. This may prompt some to wonder if an individual's addictive behaviour may be a reason. It's a case-to-case basis. Another thing to consider is the person's predicament. Relationship, or the lack of, can be another cause. Unemployment can be a factor.

Background. Someone who have been to many places will understand the significance of culture. We can do a research.

Here are the possible solutions:

You must learn to be self-reliant. Help must come from the despondent individual. If there's no will to live, then all the assistance and support (from other people) will be useless. This also means keeping a positive outlook. Negative feeling can be counterproductive, even destructive, so don't even think about it.

Always keep in touch with the people you care. Remember that your family will always be there for you. There will be disagreements, even arguments, but you know them more than anyone else. Don't think of any other way. It's also important to have a circle of friends. Many of us have seen people come and go in our lives, and we'll be lucky if only a few will be around. Make an effort to meet them, if not update each other. (Social media is a convenient means, but there's nothing like getting together.) There's nothing wrong about solitude, but it's our inherent nature to interact.

Be active. This is the only way to look forward. It will always keep us occupied. Younger people won't figure out the wisdom behind it, but older ones do.

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