Some Things You Need to Know About the UniversityNovember 12, 2015

Language learning won't make you a better student. European students will attest that it takes time to be fluent in a foreign dialect. Unless language learning is one of your options, then think twice about enrolling in one of the courses. Not that you can't do it. (British universities offer joint honours degrees, which give students the opportunity to study in the continent for a year. But assignments will be twice as many as what single honours students do.) Maybe studying Romance languages will make you more enthusiastic of the term. You can't wait to look for a Spanish penfriend, who may be your tour guide in Spain. There's a lesser chance of encountering a rude local, while admiring the Eiffel Tower. And you can recite a line from "Romeo and Juliet" in Italian. There's no need to travel next year, though. Unless you're like Alex Garland.

Friendship requires effort. Male students may be too busy or they notice older men having no male friends. It's natural, as they are raising a family. They'll likely spend more time with friends of their wives. Sports will be a good chance of fostering male bonding. This is not the case with women. (If you're starting to be uneasy, then fine.) Studies show more men suffering from depression. It's not hard to figure out the reasons. Don't take your mates for granted, especially those who want a drink. Getting stoned is a rite of passage, but don't let your parents find you in that state.

Perhaps it's time to give peace education a chance. If you find this an absurd suggestion, then think long and hard about it. Most of the classics you read describe a battle in detail. It must be a conflict of epic proportions. Unless it's "War and Peace", then there's a small chance that you'll write about it in your assignment. (It's fine, as many students pass it up.) Authors have their reasons, but it's time to reflect on it. The United Nations didn't do its job at all, as there are conflicts here and there. You wonder if peace is a distant planet. The time will come when universities will include a course on peace education, but sooner will be better.

Alcohol awareness can be a good idea. You think you can handle alcohol, but you're not the first to boast it to your mates. Alcohol Awareness Week is around the corner, so this is a good time to discuss it. (The campaign will be from November 16 to 22.) Don't dismiss it, as this might turn out to be your favourite course. Imagine hilarious tales, which you don't mind telling again and again. And you'll laugh about it. Enough said.

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