Time to DaydreamOctober 29, 2015

Halloween is a few days away. Have you thought of turning your classroom into a haunted house? It won't take an effort. Pumpkins here and there. Play "The Addams Family" soundtrack. And try to look spooky. (Check out Dirk Nowitzki's recent picture at Twitter.) If you're not keen on trick or treat, then you might be excited about the recent revelations on Mars. Flowing water was found, which would mean the existence of life on the Red Planet. It will only be a matter of decades before humans will be sent to explore the surface. And let's not forget Matt Damon's latest picture, "The Martian".

All of these will distract you from the coursework. It may also affect your brain, which isn't used to multitasking. In case you haven't figured it out, then don't panic. Here are some reminders:

Do one task at a time. Your undivided attention is required. There's a time for assignments and another for examinations. You must have time for reading too. You'll learn to manage your schedule, which is easier said than done. No need to worry, as you'll be good at it. (This is the only way to meet the requirements, while making the most of your time at the university.) This will yield productive, if not satisfying, results.

Don't do anything. No need to be busy, only to impress your housemates at times. You'll get tired of it. (If that happens, then you might not be ready for Halloween. It's only once a year.) Writing can take its toll, and you'll reach a point when you don't like to think anything at all. Find a comfortable spot in your room, and be idle for as long as you want. This is like clicking the "reset" button in your brain, and there will be a good chance that you'll remember what you study. The outdoors can be an alternative, as your mind will be distracted by the lovely view.

Take a nap. Sleeping does have benefits. You'll have a good rest, which will keep you awake during lectures. You'll also be able to focus on your assignments. If you feel like taking a nap, then do it. Resisting it may have serious repercussions. (This is not an exaggeration.) You'll struggle the following day, if not a few days later.

Give mindlessness a try. Being mindful can be tiring. (Imagine doing it most of the time.) Don't be surprised if you see some students who seem like in a trance. (Nothing to be terrified!) This is not a sign of boredom. (You should know better.) During these moments, you may be daydreaming. You'll be aware of your intuitive abilities. And you can make snap judgments. (It will depend on circumstances, which are unplanned of.) All of these will be good for you. These are other aspects of the human personality, which most students are unaware of. It can help you during the term.

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