How to Monitor Your WaterSeptember 23, 2014

Imagine young students travelling on a weekend, with test tubes in tow. They'll go to the nearest river, or any tributary, to get a sample of water. On Monday, they'll do a series of test. Is it safe or not? Are there substances that might be harmful to humans? This is not something all youngsters do, but this is the idea behind the World Water Monitoring Challenge.

It's hard to imagine a such a problem, especially the fact that water occupies two-thirds of a world. But this is sea water. There may come a time when a convenient device on converting salty water to drinking water is available, but until that moment happens.

The World Water Monitoring Challenge is observed on September 18, but this is not a commemorative event. Any day of the year is a Water Monitoring Challenge. Clean water is still an issue in developing countries. Bodies of water are drying up, which human consumption can be a factor. Let's not forget the fishes, which we consume.

Are you convinced? If so, then let's continue.

This program is connected to World Water Day, which the United Nations designated on March 22. But this one is more of an outreach event. Everyone can participate. It must be fun. (It's a serious matter, but let this not affect our enthusiasm.) To be a part of this public awareness, here are five suggestions:

Show Australia's natural attractions. What can be a better way to appreciate water than making everyone aware of our very own tourist destinations? Water is everywhere, but let's not get excited and head to the beach. You can explain to children how precarious the marine life in the Great Barrier Reef is. A story or two on Lake Eyre might make them aware of the unforeseen forces that can affect this body of water. We love the outdoors and let us be conscious about it.

Explain the climate. The northern regions have seen cyclone and other weather disturbances not experienced by those living in the south. When you get the chance to join any school event, then this is the opportunity to share you knowledge - and sentiment. Make it light.

Conserve water. We can throw water without guilt, but let's try to make a conscientious effort. No need to be defensive if someone tells you you're wasting it. Keep in mind of the lawn outside. There's no need to spend more time under the shower.

Go out with the children. Nothing better than the outdoors, with company. Young minds have a short attention span, so try to make it interesting. No need to be preachy on this. (If you like fishing and swimming, then do it.)

Join the program. Not that being on your own is a bad idea, but such a goal will be meaningful when you're with other people who share the same passion.

Do you have other suggestions? We love to hear it.

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