How to Prevent Heart DiseaseFebruary 02, 2015

February is Heart Kids National Awareness Month. If you're surprised about it, then you're not the only one. Children's heart disease is not uncommon. In fact, one of the objectives of this campaign is to raise funds for research on this kind of illness.

We know that heart disease is associated with adults. We are unaware that those afflicted with it are the ones leading an unhealthy lifestyle. We know that this is not a good example for the children. But we can't beat old habits. Maybe it's not too late to make a change in lifestyle. Call it your New Year's Resolution. (The year is a month old.) It will be good for you, it will be good for everyone else.

Here are five ways to show your support for the campaign:

Check out your family history. One of the causes of heart disease is hereditary in nature. But you have no idea. Ask you family, even relatives. Don't be embarrassed, as this might be a life saver. Consult a physician, who can give you better advice. If you have a family, then think about your children. You'll do them a big favour.

Watch what you eat. When you're young, you feel like nothing will go wrong. You're indestructible. A family and job later, you get that tiresome feeling easily. You dread Mondays. This is natural, as there's a change in your body system as you grow older. You'll be more vulnerable to illnesses, which can be scary. But it can be avoided if you keep an eye on your food intake. Some of the best things in life are fattening, but you won't feel good about it if this will put you in the hospital. Be moderate. Always eat lots of fruits and vegetables.

Sleep more. Most of us won't admit that sleeping is one of our fond childhood memories. Nothing like waking up late. You can sleep as long as you like. This is no longer possible, when one has responsibilities. But we need sleep more as we grow older. You're not the same person after waking up from a few hours of sleep. Do it often, and the consequences will be harmful. Even if you're one of those people who can do with less shut eye.

Always be active. As any athlete will attest, exercising is a commitment. It requires a lot of motivation. Don't panic, as we can be flexible and creative. Why not invite your family (or mates) for an outdoor fun? There are many things to do during this season. (The sun is not giving you too many excuses.) If you're too lazy, then walk.

Ditch the tobacco. Smoking was once seen as a cool thing to do. Be warned that you're risking your health. Your heart in particular.

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