Does Your University's Coronavirus Approach Worry You?March 22, 2020

Your mother felt that you were living in a different era, which made you wondered if she was referring to the Bee Gees, her favorite recording act. It was rather the decision of the Australian government in the upcoming school year, where school children and university students would be safer in schools and universities. You can't help but be worried about it. 
Many countries decided to impose draconian measures to stop the transmission of the coronavirus. The British government adopted a wait-and-see approach, yet it decided to suspend the academic year. It made you wondered if Scott Morrison, the Australian prime minister, did the right thing. He may have a point when you thought about the health workers, who have the highest risk of getting infected. They can't worry about their children during working hours, and the campus would be safer than anywhere else. You may not have thought about the boredom that could arise from those idle hours, and it may be more contagious than the virus itself. You may not have arrived at that conclusion, if not ponder about it for a moment, as you've been occupied with your preparation for the coming term. It's the right thing to do, which would draw praise from the people you know. But you're anxious about the immediate future.
You must think about your health, as your body might not cope with the transition from summer to autumn. And you must not take it lightly. (The first cause of illness is people taking granted of their health, if not ignoring the signs that could lead to symptoms.) You have been assured that you're well being would be prioritized, but don't be sad about not joining any gathering (and find new mates). It may seem like a custom from a bygone time, but there are other ways of making new friends. (Social media would be one, even if it's not a good substitute. Think about the current circumstances, though.) And your thoughts drifted to paper writing. What would happen if you're about to miss a deadline? What to do if it happens more than once? Is it possible to postpone the deadlines? These questions show that you might be acting differently, and you're not the only one. It's normal to be afraid, but you need to calm down.
You can send an email to your tutor, where you can share your worries about the upcoming term. Don't be upset if you don't receive a sympathetic response, as you're not the only one who must think too much about the term. It won't placate your fear, so you must look elsewhere. It shouldn't be a time-consuming affair.

Study or Leave: 5 Things That Could Happen During the Term

What happens if you're asked to leave university? There's no need to answer that question, as it would reveal your hysteria on a situation that won't happen at all. Traveling is not an option, as you don't want to swap places with Australian backpackers stranded in Peru. You're not an international student, and even if you do, there's no way that you would consider such a thing. You won't forget your first campus visit, where staff and older students made you feel at home. And it didn't take long for you to feel protected. If the four walls of the university could talk, it would echo your sentiments. There's no need for validation, and there are more important things to think about.
What happens if you fail your examinations? You're thinking about the possible answers to this question because of one thing. You're getting psyched up about the coursework, and how it would be stressful. Relax! The term has not started yet. Furthermore, you're eager and enthusiastic about what you can do. This is a good sign, if not an assurance that you would do well. Think about the examinations later.
What to do if you're evicted from a flat? You haven't found a place that you would call your home away from home, yet this question would make you pessimistic about the upcoming term. When you cross that bridge, as the saying would go. However, you might be thinking of sharing a room, if not a kitchen (and loo). In other words, you want to surround yourself with students who would bring out the best in you. Check out your university's Facebook page. 
What to do if e-learning is not for you? You must make the most out of the situation, if not try to give your best effort. You're still lucky when you think about the lecture rooms, even if you haven't wonder what to do if you're a bit late in your arrival (to the lecture room) and then found out that it's packed. It doesn't mean that you become obsessed with the latest news, which has something to do with the Australian government's handling of the outbreak. It's not a scene from "Mad Max", and it won't happen. Ever. Browse through the syllabus, and take notes. The early bird gets the worm.
What to do if your university can't adapt fast to the coronavirus crisis? There are three ways to approach this problem (if it happens). You must not resort to panic buying, as someone might film you. (You don't want the world to know that you're such an embarrassment after that video goes viral.) You must not expect the worst, as history had shown that mankind survived numerous plagues caused by the outbreak. Last but not the least, be rational and considerate. It would prevent the transmission of the virus. (Use your common sense on the last one.)

Why Hygiene Requires Your Immediate Attention

You might find it hard to believe that there's a book on the history of hygiene, washing your hands in particular, but it's true. It may seem impossible to wash your hands every twenty minutes, which should guarantee your protection against the coronavirus. Just do it before eating. Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth, which many people find it challenging, if not possible. You can keep on trying (until you succeed). 

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