Things I Don't Learn at SchoolDecember 02, 2014

Buy Nothing Day, which is observed on November 30, is a challenge that can be done all year round. It's an attempt to put a stop on consumerism, which is doing more harm than good in the long run. However, this won't make us human. We learned at an early age that buying can be good in both ways. (It's better to give than to receive. Who also doesn't want a present?) If you don't agree, then think of retail therapy. It might be the reason for the proliferation of malls. How about that "keeping up with the Joneses" mindset? This goes on and on. These may be the reasons why this campaign is conceived.

One day is not long unless you have nothing else to do. But it's a different case with children. So how can you make them understand its significance? It's not difficult as it seems to be. They're not included in the curriculum, though. It's rather part of the bigger picture. Here are five things you can learn from this campaign:

Patience is a virtue. We want something, but we don't have enough money to buy it. If it's not urgent, then it will be better to wait for it. The delay will give you a better feeling (when you purchase it). This is difficult to explain to children, so make a promise. An ice cream for a treat, for instance. You can negotiate with children, as long as you mean what you say. There are many ways to do it.

The importance of necessity. It's true there are unwanted things, in good condition, found in trash. It's a clear sign that we purchase more than what we need. Some may not try to think about developing countries and realise how lucky we are. So think twice before buying somehing. (If it will end up neglected, even discarded, then better pass it up.)

Remeber those rainy days. There can be unexpected happenings, which we need money. Keep in mind when you're tempt to buy something, but you really don't need it. (Birthday can be an exception.) Expect some children not to understand, even throwing a tantrum. Be firm. (Nothing wrong with another treat. Anything to make them forget about it.)

No one likes a crowded space. Who wants a crowded home? Children won't like it. Even if you have a huge basement, the time will come that there won't be any space left. Cleaning will also be more strenuous.

Plan your next holiday. Nothing beats travelling, and there's no better company than your own family. (Your mates as well!) But you must plan it in advance. You also need to save money, as a few months in Indochina doesn't cost a few dollars. Europe is far and away, while a tour of South America lasts a few months or more. The message is loud and clear.

If you have something to add, then don't be shy.

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